GET - 3/lookup/surveylanguages?lang={lang}

Retrieve the list of languages which are support in the survey interface and can be used to when translating your survey.

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sq Albanian
am Amharic
ar Arabic
hy Armenian
as Assamese
az Azerbaijani
be Belarusian
bn Bengali
bs Bosnian
bg Bulgarian
my Burmese
ca Catalan
z2 Cebuano
zh Chinese (simplified)
zt Chinese (traditional)
hr Croatian
cs Czech
da Danish
pr Dari
nl Dutch
du Dutch (informal)
en English
gb English (UK)
et Estonian
fa Farsi
fl Filipino
fi Finnish
fr French
z1 French (Canada)
ka Georgian
de German
el Greek
gu Gujarati
ht Haitian Creole
he Hebrew
z3 Hiligaynon
hi Hindi
hu Hungarian
is Icelandic
id Indonesian
it Italian
ja Japanese
kn Kannada
kk Kazakh
km Khmer
ko Korean
lv Latvian
lt Lithuanian
lb Luxemburgs
mk Macedonian
ms Malay
ml Malayalam
mt Maltese
mr Marathi
mn Mongolian
z5 Montenegrin
z5 Montenegrin
z5 Montenegrin
ne Nepali
no Norwegian
or Oriya
pn Papiamento
pl Polish
pb Portuguese (Brazil)
pt Portuguese (EU)
pa Punjabi
ro Romanian
ru Russian
sr Serbian
si Sinhala
sk Slovak
sl Slovenian
so Somali
z4 Sorani
es Spanish (EU)
mx Spanish (latin america)
sw Swahili
sv Swedish
ta Tamil
th Thai
ti Tigrinya
tr Turkish
uk Ukrainian
ur Urdu
vi Vietnamese
cy Welsh

Request information


The language.

Type string
Additional info

Response information


The metadata such as paging parameters, status code, timestamp,... which are related to this request.

Type MetaData

The actual data returned by the request.

Type Collection of SimpleLookup

HATEOAS related to this object. It wil contain relevant url's such as previous and next page for paged results, create/update/delete action. These url's can be used in your application for the next steps in your application logic.

Type Hateoas
  "Meta": {
    "Status": 1,
    "TotalRowCount": 1,
    "Limit": 1,
    "Offset": 1,
    "TotalPageCount": 1,
    "StartRec": 1,
    "StopRec": 1,
    "Timestamp": "2024-07-16T13:00:50.1595191Z",
    "IsFiltered": true
  "Data": [
      "Id": "sample string 1",
      "Name": "sample string 2"
      "Id": "sample string 1",
      "Name": "sample string 2"
<Payload xmlns:i="" z:Id="i1" xmlns:z="">
    <SimpleLookup z:Id="i2">
      <Id>sample string 1</Id>
      <Name>sample string 2</Name>
    <SimpleLookup z:Ref="i2" />